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Make online learning safe with YOUTUBE

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Make online learning safe with YOUTUBE

Online learning has been around for many years but the demand has now grown to unprecedented levels. And with the explosion of online learning it is now more important than ever to ensure safety for the young learners. This short guide will show you to make online learning with YOUTUBE more safe for your students whether at home or in a classroom.


Youtube is the second most used search engine behind GOOGLE and is the most used search engine for videos. It is great to watch DIY (do it yourself) instructional videos, entertainment videos, and  especially educational videos. But for those who want to protect young viewers this is how you can restrict some content on youtube.

Step 1: Go to YOUTUBE 

Step 2: Click on your image in the top right of the screen.

Step 3: Go to settings when the menu pops up.
Step 4: Select restricted mode and then click the ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE button to turn it on.


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