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How to make slime at home

You can do this at home with things you can find around your house:
Make sure that you have your place set up to make a mess, and something to clean it up.
First thing is to put some glue in the cup. Take the spoon and use as a measuring device. Put about a spoon and a half of glue into the cup.
Next measure out 4 capfuls of water and place into the cup.
Mix thoroughly until you can’t tell the difference between water and glue.
The next thing is to change the color. Put in six drops of food coloring.
Mix that up really well until you see the color change completely. You don’t want it to look clumpy. You want it to look really thick and all the same color.
This is the base of our slime. The next two are really cool when they come together.
Put a spoonful of baking soda and mix to where it’s not clumpy and it’s really runny. You want it to look  like one complete liquid. You don’t want to have clumps of baking soda or see spots of color.
Now add the contact cleaner. Pour in about a half spoon of contact cleaner and stir thoroughly. The more you stir it the better it’s going to be so just keep stirring. It’s going to get thicker and tougher to stir.
You should see it start to form into slime.  It’ll be different types of slimes depending on how much you ingredients you put in.
If you need to add more contact cleaner to thicken add a half spoon at a time. Stir again.
If you let this sit out overnight it’s just going to kind of separate from itself so if you want to keep this slime  put it into an airtight container. You can grab it with your hands since this is safe for your hands.
You may want to have plastic gloves for this but make sure you wash your hands completely when you’re finished with this project.
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