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Spoon Catapult


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Make a Catapult at Home!

You only need a few things. A spoon, some rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, and some marshmallows or another object to throw that is not hard.The first step is grab five Popsicle sticks and stack them on top each other.

Now fasten them together and in order to do that use two rubber bands, one on each end. Take a rubber band then loop it on one end. Twist it around the stack with the open end. It doesn’t have to be pretty or neat. You just want it to the sticks together. Keep doing this holding the stack steady and looping the rubber band until it’s firm. Now¬† do the same thing to the other end.

Now this is our main part of the catapult, the frame.

Next make the crossbar throwing arm. Take two sticks and do the same thing as before and that’s loop the rubber band around one end.
Then connect the two pieces over the five and hold them together.

Take a rubber band to connect the parts together. You have to hold these the whole time because they do want to slide apart from each other.
Make sure to get this main frame all the way down close to this rubber band end as possible.

The next thing to build is the throwing arm (launcher). This is the place to where you put your object, in this case the marshmallow, to throw it.
We are going to have to secure this spoon onto the arm using a rubber band. Make sure the spoon doesn’t come loose.

You are also are going to have to secure it on the bottom as tight as you can get it. But you have to be careful don’t pop your fingers because rubber bands pop.

Now place your object in the catapult.
Put one hand on the bottom to hold and you can pull back and let go.

This is kinetic energy. That’s energy of an object in motion.

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