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Iron Man Helmet Project

Iron Man Helmet Project – 3D printing


If you have a 3d printer chances are that you have made an Iron Man Helmet or you are seriously thinking of making one. Or you possibly are looking to make some sort of armor, costume, or other type of COSplay item. I will show you my project and some of the tips and tricks (and failures) on my project. I will have to spread this project out over a few posts because it is quite an undertaking. So let’s Geauz!

Step 1: 3D printing/3D modeling

Even though this step is self explanatory this step is the most important part. If your 3d model and/or 3d print is not created properly then your whole project can be a disaster. As a matter of fact I had a massive failure while 3D printing my helmet. I almost finished the actual 3d prints and on the very last part it failed. But the great news is that I learned something in this part of the process. The part that failed was a 17 hour print and failed about 15 hours in. I was not there to witness the debacle so I had to figure out what to do. I made a video on my fix:


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